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Structured, individualized & intensive support for parents and children struggling with emotion regulation.  


Parent Services with: Dr. Alvarez

Our work balances learning concrete tools with processing the complexities of parenting children with big feelings. Often, the parenting experience does not match what we imagined or feel it “should” be.  This disconnect can create shame, anger, and distress. Dr. Alvarez is passionate about helping parents reconnect with their values, within and beyond their parenting role.  Reconnecting with these values can increase acceptance and inner peace within their family. Parental well-being matters. It is the foundation for children’s well-being and must be acknowledged as part of any child’s intervention.

All parent programs (group, individual and summer programs) begin with the therapist and family collecting pre-intervention data. Next, we co-create a treatment plan with concrete goals that reflect each family’s values and priorities.  Each week we introduce a new, rigorously studied parenting tool. Dr. Alvarez will provide psychoeducation and myth busting, then model and practice each new tool with you.  We will make a plan on how to best use the tool within your specific family. 

Parents are assigned homework each week. Dr. Alvarez reviews homework logs during the week so that she is aware of successes and challenges prior to parents’ next session; homework completion and review ensures that we are ready to troubleshoot any issues that may have arisen and move forward to the next step in intervention. This process continues weekly until your toolbox is full at the end of the program! At the end of the program, we collect post-intervention data and meet with you to celebrate victories and plan for any next steps or support your family may need. 

What parents learn

Relationship & Skill Building

  • Value Identification & Goal Setting
  • Child-Directed Play
  • Academic, Social and Emotional Coaching
  • Co-parenting skills
  • Parental and sibling well being strategies

Encouraging Cooperative Behaviors

  • Praise and Encouragement
  • Effective Routines
  • Effective Rewards

Discipline/Reducing Challenging Behaviors

  • Family Rules
  • Clear Limit Setting
  • Ignoring
  • Breaks & Time-Out to Calm Down
  • Natural and Logical Consequences
  • Safety Planning

Child Services with: Dr. Davis

Intervention will begin with a caregiver-child play session.  The primary purpose of this session is to collect data and get to know your family. In intervention sessions, the clinicians teach and practice emotion regulation, anger management, problem solving, sibling/peer interaction tools, social skills, and much more.  The language used mirrors that taught to parents in parent sessions, allowing all family members to build emotional vocabulary and coping skills together.  

Each week, a new social, emotional, or behavioral  skill is added to your  child’s toolbox.  At the end of the program, we collect post-intervention data and meet with you and your child to celebrate victories and plan for any next steps or support your family may need. 

What Your Child Will Learn

Understanding School Rules and Behavior Expectations

Detecting and Understanding Feelings

Problem Solving

Managing Big Feelings

Friendship Skills and Social Development


How to Enroll

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If you have selected a program and are scheduling your intake session, please refer to the Service Agreement Form and follow scheduling instructions carefully. 

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