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Do you work with families who find it difficult to access mental health services?

 Research shows that early intervention can drastically improve well-being for families of children with emotional and behavioral challenges. We simply need to do a better job of getting these resources out to the everyday parent in a modern and accessible modality. Families should not have to wait for a breaking point to obtain evidence-based care. It is a disservice for families to pushed to wait for a diagnosis, a crisis point, or adequate financial resources to access emotional and behavioral supports. 

As a provider, you can be part of the solution by committing to providing evidence-based care and investing in prevention programs that target barriers to this care. 

We are proud to partner with programs such as Seattle Head Start, the Bush School, Everett School District and mental health practitioners across the country in increasing access to early, evidence based family supports. 

Shanna Alarez and Jenna Elgin Standing

Why Us, Why Now?

We created our Essentials Parenting eCourse to bridge the gap between rigorously studied parenting interventions and the generalized parenting tools parents and clinicians can access.  We have extensive experience leading  evidence-based parenting interventions. While these programs are robust and valuable, many parents face barriers completing intensive, in-person sessions, particularly during these challenging times. Additionally, not all children and families require high level 1:1 intervention. Finally, if a parent is able to access services, the information they receive may be inconsistent depending on the philosophy and training of that particular provider. 

Our Essentials course was created to meet the needs of providers and families by providing a strong understanding of the core evidence-based concepts and skills in a mobile, modern, and perpetually accessible format

Ways We Work

Professional Training Modules

Clinician/Professional access to our Essentials eCourse, which entails independently watching video modules and taking short quizzes.

Professional Training Modules & Client Logins

Clinician/Professional access to our Essentials eCourse. Upon course completion, you will receive 5 course logins to share with families you are working with. You will receive periodic phone check-in’s from a clinician to review progress.

Professional Training Modules & Continuing Education Credits

Clinician/Professional access to our Essentials eCourse. Combines self-study along with one live group session per month for each module. Professionals will receive continuing education credits.

Supporting Organizations & Employees

Organizations may offer access to our eCourse and coaching as part of their employee benefits package, demonstrating their support of parental well-being.

Early Learning Centers & Parent Education

Explore ways our Essentials eCourse can be used with parents and educators in preschools, co-ops and other early learning centers. We can help you streamline your parent education resources.

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