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Being a healthy parent doesn't have to be so stressful.​

Our online course gives parents of kids ages 2-10 concrete strategies that decrease challenging behaviors and build healthy, happy family relationships.

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You love your child more than anything, but you didn't realize it would be this hard.


Backtalk. Tantrums. Refusing to do anything you ask.

You feel confused about how to respond.

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You get so much mixed advice on what to do.

And Nothing you’ve tried seems to be working.


You've found yourself repeating patterns from your childhood.

But you promised yourself you would do it differently.

Are you ready to stop second-guessing all of your parenting decisions?

“As a result of this course, we are better and more confident parents and our family is happier and calmer as a whole.”

You Shouldn't Have to Raise Tiny Humans on Intuition Alone

It's unfair to expect parents to instinctively know how to deal with sibling fights, big emotions, and meltdowns at the grocery store.

When savvy entrepreneurs start a new venture, the first thing they do is create a business plan. They know when unexpected bumps happen on their journey, they will need a way to navigate through to the other side.

Why don’t we treat our families the same way?

While it would be nice if kids came with instruction booklets, they don’t. Most parents use advice from the internet or repeat patterns from their own childhood to do the best they can while feeling overwhelmed and flustered.


This course will allow you to ditch the guess-work and confusion

So you can Become A confident and highly skilled parent.

You already know you need a better approach, but figuring out a starting point and unearthing credible information is difficult. Our Essentials e-course provides you with concrete tools that have been studied and are shown to improve behavioral and emotional outcomes for kids and decrease parenting stress.

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If You've Been Looking for "Parenting 101", You've Found It

Our Essentials parenting course puts the power of the most studied evidence-based parenting programs in the palm of your hands

Our online course will equip you with the fundamental knowledge and positive parenting tools to tackle everything from toddler tantrums through pre-teen angst.

This course is perfect to help you parent kids ages 2 through 10.


What you will learn

Module ONE

Relationship Building & Coaching

Connection is the heart of raising emotionally healthy children. Children accept guidance from parents when they feel a strong bond. By the end of this module, you will learn simple yet powerful skills shown to improve your relationship with your child. You’ll also learn how to build your child’s emotional regulation through coaching.

Module Two

Teaching New Skills

Behaviors often let us know that a child is missing a skill or sense of motivation. Children, just like us, are doing the best they can with the skills they have at the time. Learn a menu of research-based tools to teach your child how to meet their goals in healthy ways and improve behavior.

Module Three

Improving Cooperation

Even if they don’t realize it, children crave boundaries. Yet, healthy limits can be hard to set up and maintain. In order to enforce boundaries, we first need to make sure they are well defined and understood by our kids.  Here, you learn to do the preventative work in boundary-setting to set your child up for success and improve cooperation.


Limit Setting

After you’ve set clear boundaries, you need to know what to do when they are crossed. This module will help you find the balance between correction and loving guidance. We will use research to work through hot topics like time-out and handling annoying behaviors.


Parents & Siblings

Child behavior doesn’t happen in isolation. The well-being of all family members is interconnected. Sibling conflict may be inevitable, but there are helpful ways to deal with rivalries that set your children up for a lifetime of healthy relationships. Learn skills to nourish your children’s sibling dynamics and your own well-being.

Module six

Where Do We Go From Here

By the time you reach the last module of Parenting Essentials, you will have given yourself the gifts of freedom from misinformation, hope, and confidence. You will have resources if you need more support and tools to troubleshoot when tough times arise.

Bonus content

Banishing Bedtime Battles

This 90-minute workshop will bring back peace to your evenings and help the whole family get the sleep they need. You will understand the science behind healthy sleep, get tools to develop an effective bedtime routine, prevent bedtime power struggles, respond to pushback.

Toddler Cooperation & Limit Setting

In this 2-part, 95-minute workshop, we do a deep dive into the young toddler years. We explore toddler brain development, define what co-regulation is (and isn’t) and the cooperation and limit setting tools from the main course for children under age 3. While designed for our younger toddlers, this workshop is helpful for any parent wanting to better understand challenging behaviors and how to respond.

Parenting Essentials is a Complete System for Developing to help you

Raise Cooperative, Emotionally Intelligent, Resilient Kids

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Evidence-Based, Practical Tools

Be careful about people who say, “research shows” without providing relevant citations or proof that their methods work. Each element of this course is backed by over 30 years of science-based study and real-world application. We show our work.
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Video Examples of Real Parents Using the Strategies

Reading about a technique is great, but seeing it in action is even better. The videos will help you better adjust what you learn based on your family’s values and unique situation.
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Foundational Parenting Principles That Work In Various Contexts

When your child is kicking and screaming in the mall, you don’t have time to whip out a parenting textbook. We teach you comprehensive frameworks that you can use on-the-fly in everyday situations.
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Handouts, Quizzes, Worksheets & Scripts

By the time you have completed the 6 modules, you will feel like you have everything you need to be a rock star parent. Plus, you won’t have to deal with cobbling together ideas or ping-ponging between advice from parenting gurus.

Information Curated by Psychologists & Parents

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Dr. Shanna Alvarez, Ph.D.


Dr. Jenna Elgin, Ph.D

“Our daughter has absolutely thrived through this program. She has learned so much about managing her own behavior and responding appropriately to others, and she has gained tremendous awareness of her own emotions and what she can do to help herself get and stay calm, even in challenging times.”


We can help

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Watch the Modules

Use the videos, worksheets, quizzes, and guides to create your family plan. You no longer have to leave parenting decisions up to your gut.


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See a Positive Shift in Behaviors

Implement the tools and see a reduction of parent distress, an increase in parenting consistency, and a decrease in challenging behaviors.
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Stop Struggling to Get Out of the Door in the Morning

Use the tools in Parenting Essentials to ease the pressure of life’s daily demands.

Ready To Breathe Again?

Essentials Course

Our Signature Parenting Essentials Digital Course
$ 149
  • 6 modules teaching evidence-based parenting
  • Video clips of real parents implementing each skill
  • Banishing Bedtime Battles Bonus
  • Cooperation and Limit Setting with Toddlers Bonus
  • Printable workbook
  • Quizzes after section for self-check
  • List of references and resources
  • Lifetime access

“Looking back, we as parents have learned to ignore more and ‘choose our battles’. We noted our son is a lot happier these days. We believe this is because we are giving him more praise and encouragement and we are all on the same page as a family.”

Parenting Essentials Is Available for Use in Companies, School Districts, and Healthcare Settings

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Improve Your Child’s Emotion Regulation Skills

A free, 15-page guide filled with practical strategies.