Therapeutic Parent Support Group

Creating community and a values-based life amidst the complexities of therapeutic parenting 

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Our toolbox is what?

You are not alone in your therapeutic parenting journey

The parenting journey is unique for every family. While parenting has challenges for all parents, there is a difference between parenting a “spicy” kiddo and parenting a child with chronic emotional and behavioral challenges–we get that. When we begin to embrace our paths as  “therapeutic parents”, acceptance, empowerment, and discovery of community can begin.  We hope to be such a “home” for therapeutic parents.  

The aim of this group is to build a community with fellow therapeutic parents, share resources, troubleshoot challenges, and share wins! We are focused on creating and maintaining a meaningful life amidst the chaos that therapeutic parenting can entail.

Join our community of therapeutic parents if: 

  • Your child has more chronic emotional or behavioral needs
  • You have completed a full Incredible Years or related program
  • You feel confident (somewhat) in your parenting toolbox, but still want ongoing support 
  • You feel isolated and crave a non-judgemental, supportive space 

How to Enroll

Step 1: Download and review our Service Agreement Form. This form provides detailed service descriptions, dates, insurance information and costs for services.

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Step 3: Monitor your inbox for an email from Simple Practice, our booking and records system. You will receive all enrollment paperwork and appointment details via email within 1-2 business days.

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If you have selected a program and are scheduling your intake session, please refer to the Service Agreement Form and follow scheduling instructions carefully. 

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