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Please note: if you are scheduling a parenting consultation or services for your child, please enter your child’s name as the client when creating your profile.

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Therapy for Challenging Behaviors​

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Parent Mental Health Support


School Collaboration​

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Nanny and Caregiver Training​



Therapy for Challenging Behavior

Kids with fast brains and big feelings have a special place in Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Davis’ hearts, personally and professionally. They understand that the same children that explode in anger one moment may melt your heart with genuine kindness and creativity the next. Drs. Alvarez and Davis team up to support families of children ages 3-10 who have difficulties regulating their emotions and behavior using evidence-based interventions, including the Incredible Years Program. Interventions are provided in group or individual formats.

Our team has been struck by the benefits of telehealth services. We have seen a dramatic increase in accessibility for families who otherwise would not seek support. Give the positive parent feedback about telehealth and positive clinical data outcomes, we will be continuing our telehealth Incredible Years Program


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Parenting Mental Health Support

Often, the parenting experience does not match what we imagined or feel it “should” be.  This disconnect can create shame, anger, and distress. Other times, we gain the tools to improve our children’s behaviors, and are surprised to find that we are still distressed. Dr. Alvarez is passionate about helping parents reconnect with their values, within and beyond their parenting role.  Reconnecting with these values can increase acceptance and inner peace within their family. Parental well-being matters. It is the foundation for children’s well-being and must be acknowledged as part of any child’s intervention.

“The connections we had to the group leaders were a main benefit of this program. We felt like we are not alone in our challenges.”



School Collaboration

Consistency and predictability are fundamental in any intervention for children with emotional regulation challenges; regardless of if those challenges are related to Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, or Trauma. Dr. Alvarez has worked with numerous school districts in creating district wide programming for children with ASD and related challenges and emotional/behavioral challenges.



Nanny and Caregiver Training

With spirited children, adapting to new caregivers can be challenging. We work with children who are often kicked out of camp programs, or are burning through nannies and babysitters. Often, these providers simply did not have the tools needed to support the child. By training providers early on, we can decrease turnover and increase children’s success in creating and sustaining connections with the caregivers in their “village”.

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Please note: if you are scheduling a parenting consultation or services for your child, please enter your child’s name as the client when creating your profile.

I felt this program was very well done, easy to follow (though it took work) and elevated my confidence as a parent tremendously. Meeting in a group setting built community with parents who have faced similar issues.”

emotion regulation guide

Improve Your Child’s Emotion Regulation Skills

A free, 15-page guide filled with practical strategies.