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Kids with fast brains and big feelings have a special place in Dr. Alvarez and Dr. Davis’ hearts, personally and professionally. They understand that the same children that explode in anger one moment may melt your heart with genuine kindness and creativity the next. Drs. Alvarez and Davis team up to support families of children ages 3-10 who have difficulties regulating their emotions and behavior using evidence-based interventions, including the Incredible Years Program®. Interventions are provided in group or individual formats.



Early Intervention and Prevention Group (Telehealth)

This small group program (4-5 families) is designed for families of children aged 2-6. Many families may not have social-emotional concerns and are proactively seeking a toolbox for fostering healthy social-emotional development in their young child. Other families in this group have emerging concerns that they want to get ahead of. This service provides structured, evidence-based support in a judgement-free parenting community. 

The Early Intervention & Prevention group meets for 8-9 weekly live-coaching sessions. This is a fast-paced parent course! Each week, parents are introduced to a new, evidence-based tool designed to support healthy social and emotional skills in children and families.  Independent e-course learning and homework between sessions ensure supportive accountability and troubleshooting opportunities. 

Please note that this prevention program  is available for families whose children are not demonstrating significant aggression or safety concerns. If your child is defiant with adults across settings (e.g., school and home), hurting others, destroying property, or struggling to get through daily routines due to behaviors or complex family dynamics, please enroll in Emotion Regulation Intervention



This small group (4-5 families) intervention program is available for families whose children are demonstrating mild to moderate levels of aggression or safety concerns and/or whose emotional regulation challenges are impacting the quality of daily family life. 


This 10 to 12-week group program includes all of the skills taught in the full IY program in weekly live-group coaching sessions along with independent e-course learning and homework assignments.  This group also incorporates concrete safety planning and supporting parent and sibling mental health. In addition to weekly group sessions, each family has weekly individual 30 minute sessions. 

Concurrently, children work in child group with Dr. Davis to learn corresponding emotion regulation skills to ensure that the entire family system is on the same page and learning together. Each tool is individualized to fit the needs of your unique family. They are taught, modeled, and practiced in session so that families feel ready to implement their new skills throughout the coming week.  

If your family is experiencing significant environmental stressors (e.g., parent mental health challenges, marital challenges) or child stressors (e.g., defiant with adults across settings, hurting others, destroying property, or struggling to get through daily routines due to behaviors) your family may be offered a slot for individual intervention services following your intake session. Please see our Service Agreement Form for details


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Summer Camp Intensive

Summertime is an amazing opportunity for families to finally access supports that might otherwise be difficult to fit in during the busy school year. It also allows children to utilize their summer break to build the toolbox of skills they need for a more successful upcoming school year.

This program meets at the Northlake Church in Bothell once per week for 4-hour sessions across 8-weeks. Parent group builds community support and works with the therapists to create concrete relationship-building and behavioral management systems. In child group (Dinosaur School) children learn coping, problem solving and peer relationship skills with in-the-moment coaching from therapists in a fun, dynamic setting designed to mimic an early school age classroom.

This is not just a summer camp for children with challenging behaviors. This is a structured therapeutic intervention program for families who want a concentrated dose of support.

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If you have selected a program and are scheduling your intake session, please refer to the Service Agreement Form and follow scheduling instructions carefully. 

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