Stop Overcomplicating Parenting

Gentle parenting. Conscious parenting. Positive parenting. In a time where there is an endless supply of information available online, many parents are overwhelmed by the (often contradictory) opinions about healthy parenting practices. This information overwhelm is leading many to experience parenting perfection paralysis and heightened levels of anxiety about doing everything “right.”

In this FREE workshop, our goal is to help parents cut through all the noise by diving into what the research really says about healthy parenting (spoiler alert: it’s not one-size-fits-all). By grounding ourselves in the research and coming back to the basics, parents will be able to let go of the pressure to be perfect while also learning concrete strategies.

We will:

  • Teach you what the most important aspects of healthy parenting are according to research
  • Discuss the most common parenting myths
  • Summarize the tools included across all of the top evidence-based parenting programs
  • Concretely teach you several core parenting strategies
  • Empower you to be critical consumers of parenting information



emotion regulation guide

Improve Your Child’s Emotion Regulation Skills

A free, 15-page guide filled with practical strategies.